October 28, 2010

Cash Crate - Turning Time Into Free Cash

I know there are tons of survey opportunities out there, and I have been researching quite a few that netted no real results, but I gotta tell you that Cash Crate has been, by far, the best thing I've found.

Within the first 3 hours of signing up, I already have a $20 voucher, and I didn't have to wade through pages of repetitive surveys to get it.  They even give you $1 just for signing up... $1 you can spend, not just points that never become anything like most sites.

If surveys are your thing, they have offers you can complete for around a buck each, but the real gem is that you earn a percentage of the money you would spend on the internet shopping anyway! 3-4% on Itunes, 3% at WalMart, you get the picture! I really recommend checking it out, if for nothing else grabbing the low-hanging fruit to give yourself that $20 voucher I just earned in less time than I posted this!

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