April 17, 2011

Advertising Is All About Looking Good - And Speaking Of That, Why You Should Try Slimband Surgery

In a post a while back we talked about good-looking advertisements, and the discussion was enjoyable. However, it got me thinking about how, in this quest to make money on the internet, we have to often sell ourselves just like advertisements do. In taking a look at how we can better make ourselves as attractive as possible in this regard, someone mentioned weight loss. I know a lot of people struggle with this, and that the slimband is something many have considered. I wanted to clarify some facts on it so that we could continue the discussion from a more informed place. Here is some of the best information I could find for us to start from.

"Lap Band Obesity Surgery is one of the fastest growing methods for weight loss in this country today. Many people that have a substantial amount of weight to lose have probably thought about gastric bypass surgery as an option for taking off the extra pounds. This surgery can give you your health back and help you lose a lot of weight, but if you think this process will not take work, you are mistaken.

For the first 6 months to a year, the weight will come off relatively easy, because your stomach is very small. It is best not to overeat so that it will stay that way. You may think you can eat anything you want, because you cannot eat much, but there are many foods that have very little volume, but contain a great deal of calories.

Most gastric bypass surgery centers offer instruction on proper diet and exercise as part of your pre-op preparation. This information is part of giving you all the tools you will need to be successful at losing the excess weight.

It is important to understand that neither a roux-en-y or lap band surgery will cure obesity. You will lose weight, but at some point in time your weight loss will depend on the choices that you make and the changes you have integrated into your lifestyle. If is necessary for you to learn when you have physical hunger and head hunger. You want to eat to nourish your body and not to fill a void.

It is best to keep a food log and weigh often. These are two things that will help keep your weight under control. It is essential you learn to limit your sugar and fat intake. Some people will have no problem with this part, because their body will not tolerate unhealthy eating. But there are those that will not have problems eating almost anything after a year or two. If these people do not make wise choices, they may soon find themselves with a weight problem again.

The stomach is a muscle and it will stretch, no matter how small it is after surgery. It is best to start making your lifestyle changes prior to your surgery. This will get you ready for losing weight and living your future as a healthy person. Lap band obesity surgery can get you there, staying there is up to you."

"For people who are looking to lose weight through greater appetite control, slim band surgery may be the answer. This surgery has been proven to be very effective, and it is also very different from gastric bypass surgery. When a patient undergoes gastric bypass surgery, a part of the intestine is bypassed, so the patient can no longer consume as much food. With slim band, however, a band is placed around part of the stomach, usually the top part, to help them decrease their appetites and feel satisfied faster. Although you will not lose a huge amount of weight really quickly with this surgery, it is possible to have really good results over time.

Expected Amount of Weight Loss

Most doctors and nutritionists agree that losing up to two pounds a week is a healthy amount of weight to lose for the average person. Even people who exercise regularly and switch over to healthy diets should expect to lose weight at this rate. Keeping up with a healthy weight loss routine, according to this rate, may result in a person weighing up to 100 pounds less, which is amazing.

According to the World Health Organization, the average rate of weight loss for people who have slim band surgery is around one to two pounds per week. This is a healthy amount of weight to lose, but some people may lose even more depending upon how overweight they were before undergoing surgery and how they approach dieting and exercise.

Some people may not be able to exercise right after they have received slim band surgery. In this case, weight may be lost at a very slow rate. During this time, though, it is very important that they eat healthfully and start taking on healthy habits, such as eating regularly and avoiding junk food. Once they are able to start exercising, they should expect to lose weight at a much faster rate. In some cases, they may even lose up to five or more pounds per week, which is fine as long as the weight is being lost due to healthy eating and exercise habits.

After the surgery

Different people will achieve different results with slim band surgery, and some may not be able to start their regular weight loss routines straight away due to the positioning of the slim band. There are several reasons why results vary, and these include:

* If there is discomfort from the band, doctors may have to adjust it until a more comfortable location is found. This may involve several additional visits to the doctor’s office.

* There is a port that is used to remove and inject a saline solution into band. If this port moves, doctors will need to put it back in its right place.

* Patients cannot return to their normal lives right after surgery. They usually have to take special steps to ensure that they do not compromise their results or their health. For instance, it is common for patients to be put on a liquid diet and this may lead to a higher rate of weight loss in the first few weeks after the surgery for some patients. At a later date, patients will be able to eat solid foods again, and this may decrease the rate of weight loss for some people.

From there, the 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss will occur. Eventually, exercise can take place. Although it may seem like a journey that will be long, the steady weight loss will make it seem not so bad. Simply make small goals for yourself. For example, make your goal to lose 4 to 8 pounds for the month. At the beginning of the next month, weigh yourself and see your goal become real. You can then mark it on your calendar and set a new goal. Do the same when you add exercise into your routine and you will see yourself shrink before your eyes. Once you hit your ideal weight, it is then time to maintain it, which is something you will find easier than the actual weight loss."

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