April 8, 2011

Advertising - It's Only Profitable When It Works: A Perfect Example

Advertising is a great way to get attention for your product or business, but often people pay far too much for far too little. The problem with advertising is that there are so many ad out there, and only so many eyeballs. The trick is to not only be seen, but to evoke an emotion, be it love, hate, fear, or nostalgia.

A perfect example of the latter can be seen in this full-sized outdoor Hot Wheels advertisement. Anyone my age (and likely younger) will instantly feel the nostalgia this Hot Wheels outdoor "billboard" brings. In fact, I went out and bought my kid a few cars after seeing this perfect example of how to make ad dollars work for you.

Make sure when you participate in advertising, be it for your business, your product, or even yourself (your blog/website), make sure that some level of emotion is evoked with your attempts, be it positive or negative. The worst thing an advertisement can do is make the viewer ambivalent.

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